Seetal Solanki the writer of the book, „Why Materials Matter.“ invited the Lupine project to publish the project in her book. When launching the book during London Design Festival in november 2018, she invited the project to be involved within an exhibition during the week. The task was „to create a bookend, which will support the book and the book supports the material as well as the person who's made it; a nice little circular conversation whereby one could not exist without the other.“


Photographer: Dilesh Solanki.

About the book

What does it mean to live in a material world? This book tackles these questions by focusing on various issues that human beings face and by discussing potential materials-related solutions.

About the bookend

The bookend „Lupend“ is made out of a light material, purely from roots of the lupine plant, it is designed for a specific book. The bookend wraps its arms around the book and gives it back the support it gives the material by publicizing it.

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