Material potency

The goal of this research was to find out, with simple experiments, if production of biodegradable material from lupine without any additives was possible.

Research procedures

The research implicated making fibreboards samples from raw material of lupine, comparing different harvesting season as well as different parts of the plant. Five samples were made of each portion to calculate means and standard error statistics.
Sample A had the substance of plant roots, sample B was the root mixed with stems and sample C had substance of the stems.

sample 1A1

sample 1B1

sample 1C1

Testing material potency

After making material samples, standard procedure tests were made in Nysköpunarmiðstöð Íslands (Innovation Center Iceland). Testing the material to indicate it´s flexural strength.

flexural strength testing made

test information data

Statistics of flexural strength tests

Compairing materials

Having made the standard tests it becomes possible to compare the material with other materials on market, biodegradable or not.


Results of the standard flexural tests, compared to other tests show the lupine fibreboards to appear with low density fibreboard (insulation board) and/or medium density fibreboard (MDF).


The results designate the lupine as a promising material for some kind of production.

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